Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 Rewind and 2013 Forcast

Tis the season to do a rewind of the 2012 running season....So I am jumping on the band wagon to do one!

So here is my number recap:
Total Miles run: 689.10 (my Nike watch did a few mishaps so I could probably have more:( )
Total number of runs: 128
Average Distance: 5.3miles
Average pace: 9:45(ugh, not good for me or what I had hoped for)

To be honest 2012 was not my best year for stellar performances, finishes or miles earned on the road but it was a great "let down" year for my body. With that being said, let me explain myself a little bit more in detail.
I started out the year, the same as the previous 2 years with challenge/goal to run 1,000 miles-Dude I killed it in 2010, 2011; 2012 not so much! As you can see above 689. April,May and June big miles with impending Missoula Marathon in July. Then I decided to have a summer to myself, my hubby, my kids and most of all to vacations! I ran when I wanted to, when I felt I wanted to and when my body was ready to run. I didn't run when i didn't want to! And for that my body needed it!

Stellar performances-well I had hoped as in the previous two marathons(NWM 2010, PDX 2011) I had improved my time and shed major minutes from my goals. Ummm Missoula, yeah not so much! lost time on my goal and I finally can be honest with self and admit, it was hot during the race and way hotter than expected and by the end of 26.2 miles it had taken its toll on me!

Some bright spots for 2012:

I PRed and placed in the top 3 of my age group for St Patty's 5K Race in Clarkston, WA with time of 25.54
I ran 3 Half marathons (Seattle Rock and Roll, Girlfriends in Vancouver, Wa and the Lewis-Clark Half in Clarkston, Wa) and 2 (Girlfriends in Vancouver, Wa and the Lewis-Clark Half in Clarkston, Wa) were back-to-back weekends.

The Girlfriends Half I ran with my friend E who ran her first half ever....and then we paced each other to the next weekend's PR of 1:58:55!
Completed my 3rd marathon-Missoula Marathon!

And lots of other local fun runs for holidays and themes!

I ran a lot of miles with running buddies Keep on Keeping On and T and K! Runs are always better with friends and buddies! Sure does make the time and miles fly by! Thank you friends for a great 2012 with lots of great runs!

Heres to 2013 with even more goals and challenges...I use these two words instead of resolutions! I need to make every day a goal and a challenge not just 1.1.13!

2013 Race Calendar with T:
Eugene Half
Rock and Roll Portland Half
Vancouver, USA Marathon(eek! I'm gonna own it!)
See Jane Run Seattle (??)
Other fall local races

Cheers and Thank you for following Quads on the Move!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Jingle Bell Hell Run and a Bib to Honor the Children and Staff in Newtown, Connecticut

Fellow running buddy K and I met Sunday afternoon for a grey,cloudy, cold and windy 5K! I heard of the Virtual Jingle Hell Run hosted by Run with Jess Friday afternoon so I printed out fun bibs with the Grinch! Stipulations of Jingle Bell Hell was that the course had to have hills-of course in C, Washington there are hills so I knew that wouldn't be a problem! We took a tour of all parts of town complete with running through the cemetery(up a steep hill), past the high school, and back through town(which includes more hills) and completed the run with lots of wind and snow falling!
We also had bibs to honor the children and staff of Newtown, Connecticut. Such a sad time for everyone affected by this tragedy.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday....2013 Race Calendar in Pictures!

(Eugene Half)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Life in Rewind...according to Races

Sorry to go back to June-I didn't realize it had really been that long since I posted!

July-Missoula Marathon! Epic failure according to my goals however I finished marathon #3 and i did it with a great friend and running buddy! the marathon was epic and everything about the weekend was epic! maybe another year the HOT temps won't be epic!
Running buddy Tracy & I pre marathon!

Post marathon-hot sweaty mess!

Hanging in shade after getting Zensah's on!

Tracy & I post race! First race I cried when Tracy crossed the finish line!
September-Athleta Iron Girl Run in Seattle, WA. Absolutley loved everything about this race! My mom walked the 5K with my Aunt Mary. Fellow Running buddies Kelli and daughter Kaden ran the 5K and Tracy and I ran the 10K!

Kaden, Kelli, my mom Nancy and Tracy pre race trying to stay warm!

Kaden, Kelli, Tracy, Me and my mom after the race

September-Color Run Moscow, Idaho
5K Color Run Fun Run in Moscow with running buddy Kasey! great weather, beautiful course and fun with the new Color Run craze!

October-Girlfriend's Half Marathon Vancouver, WA
Love this race from the race swag, course, course support, weather, finish, finisher's gifts, and the post run food! Didn't have the best time since there was a few thousand girlfriend's running this race on crowded streets and paths! But had a great time with Tracy and Erin! We celebrated this being Erin's first half marathon!
Tracy & I(this race made 5 straight months we got to see each other!)

Me, Tracy and Erin(her first Half marathon!)
October-LC Half Marathon Clarkston, WA. Back to back halfs in October for Erin & I!Again striving to get a sub 2:00 Half for Erin! Yeah yeah yeah we did it! 1:58:55. Great course, great cool weather. Could definitely add course support(drinks, fuel, and port-a-pottys)! Great run!
Erin & I pre race trying to stay warm!

Erin & I post race enjoying the sun!
November-World Run Day, Colton, WA
Running buddy Kasey & I celebrating World Run Day!
Chilly 3 mile run!
November Colton Turkey Trot, Colton, WA
Each year local group of runners celebrate Thanksgiving day with a chilly morning run. 2,4,6 mile runs complete hot cocoa or a beer post run! Donations to benefit St Jude's! Thanks Kay & Ty for sponsoring the run! We love it!
So here are the last 5 months of my life in rewind....according to races!
As I look forward to the coming year race calendar is not set but hope to have 3 on the training calendar by 2013...halfs and......a full?!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

3 Things Thursday

*1*    Well here it is Thursday already.....seriously where does the time go? Just one week ago I was busy tightening up plans, packing bags, confirming reservations for the Seattle Rock and Roll Half marathon.....Not my best time, not my worst time-started out great, legs strong, and ran and ran and ran....then mile 10 happened and I could my wind falling out of my sails. I walked a bunch on 99 but rallied and finished strong with my time of 2:03:26/official time from SRNR 2:04:52 (pause in watch due to a potty stop)! Here are a few pics!

*2*     Well here it is Thursday and I am about ready to emabark on tighetening plans, packing bags not just for myself but my two kids L & R, and checking brackets for the 23rd Annual Hoopfest. L is playing coed this year and R with girls! Should be a great, warm weekend with good friends, lots or should I say quite a few thousand of my closest friends spread across 42 city blocks with over 500 courts or something and people spending over 35 million dollars in the Greater Spokane we go!

*3*      I am 10 days away from marathon #3 Missoula and 8 days away from tightening up plans, packing bags, confirming reservations for marathon....sound familiar these 3 posts huh?! Lots of traveling and vacationing this summer....with so much more to come.....I am alot of things in preparation for this race-excited, stressed, nervous, anxious, feeling uneasy, yet feeling rested.....oooohhh man! time will tell!
Here I am just 1 day before my first marathon in San Francisco for the 2010 NWM I Run To Be.....
Can't find a pic from 2011 Portland Marathon to compare.....

Happy Thursday~Quads!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

20.Miles. Training. Run. Done. Complete with some pics that a great friend took of me while running! The pics were an awesome surprise.....there is lots of thoughts, feelings, emotions in these pictures. I'm sure will lead to a deep post someday soon! Post. Missoula. Marathon!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Falling Behind on My Posts!

Part 1:
Ninja Style! Yep the wonderful S, Blondepony and I met up on Sunday March 25 for a great morning run! We were missing our other running buddy Keep On Keeping On cause beshe was well.... running Across America!!!! We met up for 5 miles and then I was continuing on for another 3-5 miles! I had run the WSU Campus on the Run 5K the day before so I knew I already had 3.1 miles legs were feeling a bit tired from Saturdays run (26.44)
We chatted the whole way and the run ended up nice with some sun on our backs as we cruised back to the cars! No run would be complete without pics...Ninja style, of course!~

Part 2: Jelly Bean Virtual Run!
Well again Blondepony and Keep On Keeping On and I were supposed to meet up yesterday but 35 mph winds kept us from braving outside to complete our Jelly Bean Virtual Run! Dang! so I opted for my treadmill and my 11 miles from my marathon training plan. Wow...I like the treadmill for 3-5 miles but not 11! I have run a virtual half marathon on it as well but it was not pretty! I tried to visualize the whole time yesterday where I would be if getting the opportunity to run outside...where I would rehydrate, fuel up, turn around, go pee, you got the picture! It was not a good run so won't be posting my time...just know that outside I run about 1 min/mile faster... but here is my post run hot mess pic with my 2012 Jelly Bean Virtual Run bib in hand!
btw~you have until tomorrow April 3 to register online for the run! Chnaces to win prizes!