Friday, March 16, 2012

Updating of the Blog and the Start of a New Training Season

Notice the changes? Yeah, yeah, yeah! I decided that my blog was so boring and that was probably why I don't have any followers! (or it could be because I don't tell anyone about it, or because I never update it like I should so people don't ever stop by to check me out!). Let me know if you like the colors, background etc. I really thought about using the generic one with water droplets...that is the same view that I have been looking through for weeks now with runs in the, rain, wind and snow....which leads me to my next bloggy item!

Okay so this is my 3rd time around for marathon  training! It should get easier.... right? I should know what to expect, right? well NO! its not any easier...I'm sure that is due to running less than 90 miles since first of year and only running like eight times or something absolutely ridiculous...for me! So I am starting over with running, training my muscles, legs, and feet, and most of all my breathing and mind! I am going about this training session solo! My running buddy for the previous two marathons, is having a baby! I am so excited for her and her husband but I miss my running partner! I miss the conversations and support! But I can do it! I will conquer this 18 weeks and will be better from it! I also think I am struggling with the start of training because I have already battled 40+ wind storms, pouring rain and snow!! Ugh! that is what happens when you are used to training in the months of June-October rather than March-July!

Here's a pic from my last long workout run with buddies last Sunday in the pouring rain, wind and snow!