Thursday, June 28, 2012

3 Things Thursday

*1*    Well here it is Thursday already.....seriously where does the time go? Just one week ago I was busy tightening up plans, packing bags, confirming reservations for the Seattle Rock and Roll Half marathon.....Not my best time, not my worst time-started out great, legs strong, and ran and ran and ran....then mile 10 happened and I could my wind falling out of my sails. I walked a bunch on 99 but rallied and finished strong with my time of 2:03:26/official time from SRNR 2:04:52 (pause in watch due to a potty stop)! Here are a few pics!

*2*     Well here it is Thursday and I am about ready to emabark on tighetening plans, packing bags not just for myself but my two kids L & R, and checking brackets for the 23rd Annual Hoopfest. L is playing coed this year and R with girls! Should be a great, warm weekend with good friends, lots or should I say quite a few thousand of my closest friends spread across 42 city blocks with over 500 courts or something and people spending over 35 million dollars in the Greater Spokane we go!

*3*      I am 10 days away from marathon #3 Missoula and 8 days away from tightening up plans, packing bags, confirming reservations for marathon....sound familiar these 3 posts huh?! Lots of traveling and vacationing this summer....with so much more to come.....I am alot of things in preparation for this race-excited, stressed, nervous, anxious, feeling uneasy, yet feeling rested.....oooohhh man! time will tell!
Here I am just 1 day before my first marathon in San Francisco for the 2010 NWM I Run To Be.....
Can't find a pic from 2011 Portland Marathon to compare.....

Happy Thursday~Quads!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

20.Miles. Training. Run. Done. Complete with some pics that a great friend took of me while running! The pics were an awesome surprise.....there is lots of thoughts, feelings, emotions in these pictures. I'm sure will lead to a deep post someday soon! Post. Missoula. Marathon!