Monday, April 2, 2012

Falling Behind on My Posts!

Part 1:
Ninja Style! Yep the wonderful S, Blondepony and I met up on Sunday March 25 for a great morning run! We were missing our other running buddy Keep On Keeping On cause beshe was well.... running Across America!!!! We met up for 5 miles and then I was continuing on for another 3-5 miles! I had run the WSU Campus on the Run 5K the day before so I knew I already had 3.1 miles legs were feeling a bit tired from Saturdays run (26.44)
We chatted the whole way and the run ended up nice with some sun on our backs as we cruised back to the cars! No run would be complete without pics...Ninja style, of course!~

Part 2: Jelly Bean Virtual Run!
Well again Blondepony and Keep On Keeping On and I were supposed to meet up yesterday but 35 mph winds kept us from braving outside to complete our Jelly Bean Virtual Run! Dang! so I opted for my treadmill and my 11 miles from my marathon training plan. Wow...I like the treadmill for 3-5 miles but not 11! I have run a virtual half marathon on it as well but it was not pretty! I tried to visualize the whole time yesterday where I would be if getting the opportunity to run outside...where I would rehydrate, fuel up, turn around, go pee, you got the picture! It was not a good run so won't be posting my time...just know that outside I run about 1 min/mile faster... but here is my post run hot mess pic with my 2012 Jelly Bean Virtual Run bib in hand!
btw~you have until tomorrow April 3 to register online for the run! Chnaces to win prizes!