Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Do I Need a Pre-Marathon Training Workout Just to Get Ready for Tuesday?

Oh man I know it's supposed to be Wordless Wednesday but I am so full of words and at a loss for running! To date this has been the least amount of running I have ever done for not only 1 month but now 2 straight! The month February only had 7, yes that is right 7 running days! I have such mixed emotions about that...on one hand it has been great to not run, give my body a rest from one marathon and achieving 1,000 miles in 2011,a rest from trying to cram in runs (after work in dark, weekends, lunch breaks)between my absolutely crazy family life BUT on the other hand when I don't run, then I get more stressed, more frantic, more CRAZY and I feel like pooh! Oh and I totally miss my long runs with my running buddies( Keep on Keeping on and Blonde Ponytail, and Stacey). I need them to help me feel whole again!

I have the next 6 days to prepare myself for the next 18 weeks of training, I feel like I need to run just to prepare myself!  Sounds funny to need to run to train for the training plan!

It is what it is and cheers to another training plan all set up for me! Missoula Marathon here I come July 8, 2012. Goal of 4:10 is doable for me. I am going to be playing with some different training/race fuels and hydration. So stay tuned for those reviews and what I end up with! I am after something to help decrease cramping at mile 18-20, something with more sodium(so I can take less salt pills), something  to give me more energy,  and last but not least something that may not make me go to the bathroom so much in the 2nd half of the race!

Cheers and here's to Missoula!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Train Like a Mother....Oh My! I Can't Wait.....Wait.... It's Supposed to be Wordless Wednesday!

Not sure how many of you out there read "Run Like a Mother" by Dimity and Sarah but it was great read! So true in sooo many ways! I have read, re-read certain sections and passed to other fellow running buddies soooo many times! It should have a scanner sticker to be checked out just like a public library! It's a must for any runner beginner or professional! Lots of laughs as well to keep you moving and grooving....oh there's playlists as well! Great listens to add to your collection for races! BUT.....guess what is coming out in March....You guessed it-"Train Like a Mother" I can't wait to pick this one up-I might just need to preorder from my local book store and get it added to my reading list!! Oh and I did I ever mention that I had my picture taken with Dimity and Sarah at NWM in 2010??? bets picture ever! I will add to blog post later when find on computer...the official pic is in my Inspiration Running Journal!!!

Happy much for Wordless Wednesday!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Falling off the Treadmill.....not literally!

As the title says I think I have fallen off the treadmill....not literally but my running has definitely fallen off the wayside! Life just gets in the way sometimes. Between my coaching, my hubby's coaching, and my kids' activities night time treadmill running is down to maybe 1 run a week! Ugh! But rest is a good thing and I need to remember that. It will save my knees, feet when I hit the trails again......speaking of hitting trails......Lot's to catch you all up on!

I did it! I owned up, bit the bullet, committed.... starting Monday March 5....I will start my 18 week training plan for......drum roll please.... Ta Da.....Missoula Marathon!!!!! I am super excited that I finally committed and now have a race on my plate that will get my focused! I'm excited to train and meet one of my besties in Missoula for my #3 marathon and her 2nd! Countdown to race day has begun...July 8, 2012!

As for other races.....My calendar is coming together.....

Back in November when they gave a discount for Veteran's day! I signed for my first Rock 'N Roll race...yeah Seattle RNR (June 23)is not the same weekend as Hoopfest this year so now I can run and still get to see my kids play basketball in the world's largest 3-on-3 tourney the next weekend in Spokane! I'm ready to try the new course. Back a few years ago my friend Kelli and I ran the Livestrong 5K that started and ended at Seattle Center. It was awesome-let's hope for the same! I also just booked my hotel room at this super cool hotel-Hotel Maxwell Oh and guess what? I'm running with same friend T who is running Missoula!
I mentioned in early January that I wanted to register for the Girlfriends Half Marathon (October 14) well registration day came and I "clicked" register! I just couldn't pass up this great race opportunity! With some many women supporting such a great cause. It's such a great race atmosphere-as website says Women Supporting Women! Great prerace activities, fun vendors, great food post-race, GREAT SWAG...and cute firemen handing out your finisher's's the next best race for fireman besides the NWM! Oh I have a great hotel right by start, close to pre-race dinner-Joe's Crab Shack! and.....two running buddies: E and yep, you guessed it T (again!!).

So there you have my major races-with a few local in there and possibly an entry into the Windermere Half Marathon in May that should sum it up! My hotels are booked, travel logistics are under way and I'm about one month away until "D" starts!

Have a great weekend-get that pre-Superbowl run in! I'm sure there is some fun virtual race for that and ooh ooh oooh Don't forget Sat Feb 11 Run for Sherry virtual race: Sherry Arnold - runner, mother, wife, daughter, and teacher- went for an early morning run on January 7, 2012, and never came home. Sherry's goodness, courage and strength prevail and she is not defined by the tragic way in which she died.
Print Your Bib for the Virtual Run Here

Stay Safe out there!

Warm hospitality & sweet surprises await you at The Maxwell Hotel.