Monday, December 17, 2012

Jingle Bell Hell Run and a Bib to Honor the Children and Staff in Newtown, Connecticut

Fellow running buddy K and I met Sunday afternoon for a grey,cloudy, cold and windy 5K! I heard of the Virtual Jingle Hell Run hosted by Run with Jess Friday afternoon so I printed out fun bibs with the Grinch! Stipulations of Jingle Bell Hell was that the course had to have hills-of course in C, Washington there are hills so I knew that wouldn't be a problem! We took a tour of all parts of town complete with running through the cemetery(up a steep hill), past the high school, and back through town(which includes more hills) and completed the run with lots of wind and snow falling!
We also had bibs to honor the children and staff of Newtown, Connecticut. Such a sad time for everyone affected by this tragedy.

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