Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Run, Run, Run!

So nothing exciting going with my blog and I am very sorry! When I find the time to sit down and truly explore all there is to explore on my blog and make it simply mine, I will! For now, a few random posts will have to do! I am excited to have a blog but just can't find the time of late to contribute to it.

As my blog title indicates, my big ol' quads on the and from work, coaching middle school volleyball, following my 2 kids (we shall call them SugarBugger(my daughter who is almost 8), and Lukers (son who is almost 10) from their 3 youth basketball games, traveling all over Whitman County to root on my husband's high school girls basketball team(yeah go Cats!) and some where in there finding the time to literally move my Quads....I LOVE to run and freak out when I have a run scheduled and can't get it in. I am very much a person who needs 30 minutes to myself sometimes....running is what I want to do the most but reading a few chapters in my latest book is good too as long as I get it! When I don't, watch out! Fair warning has been given......Until the next post....Quads on the Move :)


  1. Thaks fro emailing me the link!!! Harm has named both our blogs!!

  2. I heart your quads and Blonde Pony's calves!! You are one busy mama. How's coaching going? I don't know how you find the time! Have a great day...anxiously awaiting your next post! Let me know when you do and I will send some bloggers your way!